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McCarthy recieves Emmy for research.

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Linda McCarthy
Secret History is a Hoot
We at History is a Hoot, Inc. believe that history is the most fascinating and entertaining subject in the world. Why? Because everyone and everything has a history—individuals, nations, companies, organizations, communities, and, yes, even spies.

History is also one of those subjects that invokes other academic specialties—science, math, communications, language arts are but a few. A whole host of topics are reflected in the study of history. There’s literally something for everyone.

To hear many still consider history a “boring” subject just plain hurts. How can stories about people and events be considered dull? We all like to learn about other individuals—their undertakings, achievements, and foibles. In the spy business, this is called HUMINT (for Human Intelligence), and it’s considered one of the more important kinds of intelligence. It’s only humans who can explain the most critical component in matters relating to government, education, science, business, technology, and espionage—the Why. HUMINT is as important as it is intriguing.
When we established History is a Hoot, it was with the belief that our passion for history—and historic preservation—could be shared with others in a unique, compelling, and memorable way. To a variety of programs focusing on different facets of history, we bring specially prepared presentations created using rare period photographs from our private holdings.

As much fun as audiences have with these programs, it is the spy craft they remember and talk about the most. Over the years, we’ve been acquiring espionage gizmos, including agent cameras and communications gear. We love sharing these pieces of American ingenuity and technological innovation with audiences almost as much as our audiences love seeing and hearing about them.

History is everywhere. History is important. History is a hoot.

Thank you for sharing the journey with us!
"Emmy received for "outstanding research" for work on a two-part story about professional baseball player turned spy, Morris "Moe" Berg, which aired on NBC News.